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The energy source for geothermal systems comes from the constant earth temperature found below ground level.  It is an unlimited, efficient and non-polluting source of energy that can be used to both heat and cool buildings.  Geo-source energy can easily be extracted from the ground by the use of direct earth coupled piping or by actually re-circulating the ground water.  The energy efficiencies obtained by properly designed and installed geo-source heat pump systems can significantly reduce heating and cooling energy fuel costs.

CLOSED LOOP SYSTEMS (Direct Earth Coupled)

The installation of a closed loop system involves the drilling of multiple boreholes and inserting a polyethylene looped pipe in each borehole.  Two poly pipes connected together with a fused molded “U” bend at the bottom ends are inserted into each borehole.  These pipes are specially formulated to last more than 50 years and have no joints on the entire length of the pipe.  The annular spaces around the pipes in each borehole are carefully and fully grouted the entire length of the borehole with a bentonite grout.  This grout allows heat to transfer to or from the looped pipes.  The spacing between the boreholes is usually between 15’ to 20’.  The individual loops are manifolded together with special heat fused fittings to form a parallel configured loop field and piped into the building.

To transfer the heat energy to and from the loop system from the earth, a fluid, usually water, is circulated through the loops and into a heat pump.  The heat pump either takes the heat out of the circulated water of puts heat back into the circulated water to provide either heating or cooling.  This is a closed circulation system.

Most water well drillers do not have the experience or grouting equipment to properly set or grout closed loop systems.  We have both the experience and equipment to properly design and install the loops.


Open loop systems consist of a drilled “PVC PLASTIC” cased supply well and a drilled “PVC PLASTIC” cased return well.  Water is pumped out of one well, through the heat pump and returned to the same source aquifer.  The heat pump either extracts heat from the water in the heating mode or puts heat into the water in the cooling mode.

Wells must be carefully installed and grouted to prevent surface leakage and sandy water.  Steel cased wells, even those lined with PVC, do not have the life expectancy required by heat pump installations.


All geothermal systems require a circulating system to move the fluid to and from the loops or wells.  The design and the installation of the pumping equipment is critical to the efficiency of the systems.

East Coast Well Drilling, Inc. has the experience and design capabilities to properly design and install the pumps and connecting piping.  Usually, the pumping equipment we install will be variable frequency drives (VFD’s) which have the capability of automatically increasing or decreasing the required flow of water through the heat pumps as heating and cooling loads vary.  

Our design and work is always done in conjunction with licensed heating/cooling contractors.  We provide the earth coupling work, the outside connecting piping and the circulating pumps ready for connection to the heat pump equipment.