Wells drilled by others (Not a double cased well)
•  No grout around casing, upper water will leak downward
•  No grout between inner suction pipe and outer casing
•  1 1/4” well screen with fine screen, low flow into well
•  Seal at suction pipe & casing will leak surface contaminants
•  1 1/4” suction pipe, restricts water flow
•  Minimal or very limited warranty

Comparison of Wells Drilled by East Coast Well Drilling & Others
(Wells drilled into the Intermediate Surficial Aquifer, depths 40’ - 110”)

​       East Coast Well Drilling, Inc

East Coast Well Drilling, Inc
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Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 561022, Rockledge, FL 32956
Florida Water Well Contractor License #11248, 7335 & 7342

Comparison of Wells


Wells drilled by East Coast Well Drilling
•  Full depth grout prevents leakage from upper surface
•  Full depth grout prevents leakage from shallower formations
•  Full casing size well screen, yields more water
•  Gravel Pack around screen keeps out fine sand/silt
•  Full 2” Size casing, no water flow restriction
•  5 year warranty against structural failure or sandy water

Residential Well Drilling for Drinking Water & Irrigation
A major area of service is residential well drilling for potable water inside the home and irrigation of lawns and gardens.

Commercial Well Drilling for Public and Limited Use
​Our range of services for commercial systems includes drilling and setting well casing sizes to 4”.  We can design and install a full range of submersible and centrifugal pumps along with variable frequency drive units, related storage tanks and controls.


Save the extra cost of an irrigation well and a separate pump.

We can install a domestic well and pumping system that can also be used for irrigation.  We use a high volume jet pump with an automatic constant pressure valve that will eliminate pump cycling and provide irrigation and potable water from one well.

There is a significant price saving for houses that need potable systems.